Friday, 7 August 2015


Outift 1

Tree of Life, $40 (on sale for $20!)
First off, yes, this is me in the photos – woo scary! Secondly, what camera do you lovelies use? I’m thinking of getting one as right now im only using my phone (hence the quality).
Anyway, lately I have been loving this gorgeous smock dress from Tree of Life! It is SO comfy and the colours are stunning. This dress is very casual and is perfect for every-day wear. I find this hippie style is great to wear to a music festival and it can be easily accessorised with some jewelery! This dress is perfect for those warm winter days and goes wonderfully with a pair of black boots.
outfit 2
Shirt – Topshop, $40    Trousers – Dotti, $20
I absolutely adore this look! Although, my judgement may be a little biased as my favourite stroe is Topshop, so any oufit including topshop I am bound to rave about. This Winter I have been loving the turtle-neck style (and my wardrobe is now full of them). The colour of this shirt is so pretty and goes perfectly with the trousers – plus it’s really warm, which is a bonus!
These pants are so comfy. I find I always get compliments when I wear them as they are a bit different. I have been looking for a pair of pants that aren’t jeans for ages and I finally found them – and I’m in love!

outfit 3Dress – Miss Leona, ??  Jacket – Venus, $20
I cannot get over how beautiful this dress is! The lace detailing is to die for – I personally love the little mesh and lace fringe along the bottom. It is a very versatile dress as it can be worn to practically an occasion.
This jacket is the perfect match for this dress. It adds the classic red to the black and white, resulting in a lovely, sophisticated look. It is SUPER fluffy and warm (seriously, I could sleep in it!) and it adds a new texture to the look. I love to pair this outfit with some plain black flats for a gorgeous wintery look!
Hope you guys liked these outfits! ♥