Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Zoella's Influence

Some of you may have heard of the blogger/ youtuber Zoella. I have been watching Zoella's videos for about two years now and she has had a massive influence on me.
During my primary school years I was bullied by a group of girl's at my school. My self-esteem and confidence levels dropped dramatically and overall I really just wasn't happy. That was when I discovered Zoella. I began to watch her videos weekly and I always wished that she uploaded more then once a week.
She sparked my love for beauty and inspired me and gave me
the courage to start this blog! 
Zoella's videos taught me that you will enjoy life more when you start to say 'yes' to things. So, I said 'yes' to moving schools early and now I am certainly enjoying life more!
She never fails to cheer me up and I don't know where I would have ended up if it weren't for her and her videos. She has inspired me so much and I hope one day I am as successful as she is! 
If you have never seen her videos before then definitely check them out. You don't know how they will help you!!