Friday, 10 July 2015

Make-up Q&A

  • What’s your favourite eye shadow colour to wear? Natural golds and browns/ bronzes as these colours help to bring out my blue eyes.
  • What’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without? My trusty Blistex lip-balm for when my lips are feeling a bit dry.
  • What’s your favourite makeup look?  I prefer a light and natural make-up look with a gold & brown eye look. I also quite like to apply a pink blush (usually MAC's 'Peachykeen') to the apples of my cheeks to create a more flirty look. 
  • Which feature do you play up the most? My eyes.
  • Which feature do you try to downplay/cover up? My nose and any blemishes that may have appeared (do they count ahah).
  • Your favourite makeup brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist? MAC !!
  • Which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again? The 'Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer' as it is my favourite low-medium coverage concealer and I wear it basically everyday (which causes it to run out rather quickly too).
  • Which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why? This is a hard one as I like pretty much any product I buy but if I had to pick one it would be the 'Garnier BB Cream' because I purchased the lightest shade and it was still a few shades too dark. :(
  • One beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done? Manicure/ Pedicure.
  • One beauty treatment you would NEVER pay to have done? Probably a facial.
  • One beauty trick you can share with everyone? If you have dark under-eye circles, sweep a light shade of concealer on the "crease" of the bag and then apply your normal shade of concealer on the rest of it. This illuminates and lifts the circles and gives a more flawless finish.
  • Best advice you've ever been given regarding beauty and makeup? Drink plenty of water! Your skin, hair and nails will thank you.